Our Tail & Five Toe Paw

Hello from the Florida Keys, my name is Karin and thank you for visiting Salty P.A.W.S.H.    Our mantra "Life is Nauti Make a Splash" is about living with passion and purpose.  
Inspired by my love for my rescue pets and the desire to give back, I began painting “Mermaid 4 Rescues”.  After learning about the dog meat trade in China, I knew I had to do more.  Drenched in love and good vibes the Salty P.A.W.S.H. logo "tails" our mission to Provide Animals With Safe Homes: 

 • In many cultures the hook represents the giver of life and symbolic of safe travels and  good luck. The hook is enclosed signifying forever love & forever home of the rescue.
• 5 toe paw, "HIGH FIVE" for your care, generosity and giving back.
• Waves represent strength, power and the ocean the dogs will cross. 
• Salt is a powerful healer with essential properties of protecting. 
• P.A.W.S.H. proceeds from every purchase helps to Provide Animals With Safe Homes.

Thank you for joining us!

Wags and High Five,
Karin, SeaEO

P.S.  Soon, Zoe our China Rescue Dog will be making her Freedom Flight, we cannot wait to welcome her home.   

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